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Since 1980, at Udupas we have held our belief of providing quality and professional service to discerning corporates in the silicon valley of India - Bengaluru. What we do today goes beyond staging solutions, beyond events - into consumer F&B experiences and sports entertainment solutions.

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Everything we do has is grounded in quality of service which our employees and partners bring on board on a daily basis. Our collective passion in the domain has strengthened our capabilities and offerings which fuels business growth in related sectors.



K. Vasudev Udupa

Vasu, as we like to call him, brings extensive experience in service design for event solutions. He joined their father K. Lakshminarayana in the year 1997, the year JK Rowling’s first book in the Harry Potter series was published. Ashok joined the business in 2010, and from then on the brothers have expanded the business into many more ventures - all with a backbone of service and hospitality. Vasu is a staunch fitness enthusiast and loves the sport of cricket as well as golf. There’s a creative streak in Vasu which he brings on to the drawing board - literally, drawings! He loves spending time at home with his family on weekends.

K. Ashok Udupa

Under the Udupas Enterprises banner, Ashok has advanced the family business with his brother Vasu, and made headways into starting a thematic resto pub and soon launching a golf driving range in Bangalore. Hailing from the princely town of Mysore where Ashok completed his academic studies, he enjoys weekends spending time with his family. For time off work, his vacations happen abroad with family where he learns new cultures and brings some of those experiences back to apply to his work. When alone, he loves to listen to country and slow rock music genres. His favourite track - ‘Walk the Line’ by Johnny Cash.


Event Solutions

Let your event be a substantial one or a smaller one that involves only your close groups, Udupas can build your event setup for you that will impress your guests forever.We provide stage and event setup solutions that are versatile and strong to endure the weather and crowds. Our equipment are designed and fabricated by us for quality assurance. We also provide elaborate catering menus.
Convention Centres

Three convention
centres in Bengaluru
and one in Pune.
All centres offer
a host of facilities
to cater to large crowds.

Corporate Gifting

Mementos keepsake,
tokens of remembrance.
A Souvenir serves as a
symbol of cultural exchange.
Online ordering available.

Material Specifications

Make your event
a success with various tents for
any occasion in 6m, 9m,
10m, 12m, 15m,
20m, 25m, 30m, 40m



We will always strive to provide professional services to the very best of our ability
With an experienced and vibrant team, Udupas continuously produces high standards through all its events. They are proud of their reputation for repeat clientele. With so many long-standing clients, our challenge is to lift the bench mark above and beyond. A challenge we confidently achieve. Few organizations have the personnel, time and expertise to run events as efficiently and effectively as a dedicated professional event company. This is where we step in and step up. Udupas is renowned for its reputation and global vision.





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